Tuesday, March 12, 2013

you & me.

It's like being early to a party.

No wait, it's like being the party hostess, and knowing you have big plans and great prizes and the best ever food... it's like admiring your little party dress and smiling at the invitations.

It's gonna be big. It's gonna be great. ... But no one's here yet.

That's kind of how I feel on this blog.

I've written for two other blogs before--one was part of a blog circle thing, so there was a lot of natural traffic coming from what we were discussing and who else was writing and all that. A few years of that, and then I split off to do my own thing, and a bunch of readers followed me, so that was comfortable and great.

But I felt really strongly about starting the Lucy Flint Project in the dark, in the quiet. Just me and a big empty party room. So it feels a little bit like I'm talking to myself... maybe because I am talking to myself. It's just me, the search engine robots, and a whole lot of quiet.

But that's okay. Good things are ahead. It's going to be an exciting place. And eventually, when I ask questions out loud, someone will be there to weigh in, have an answer, or hey, even disagree. And that will be wonderful.

And even if the party doesn't ever get here ... well, it will still be fine. If all that happens on this blog is that I talk to myself (and the robots), over and over, tell the robots all my goals, and still send out my manuscript on February 1, 2014?

Then it's a total success. And there will definitely be champagne. And I will be in a darn fabulous dress. And it will be one heck of a party.

Till then, I'll keep reporting, just to me and the robots and the quiet. But if someone happens by, feel free to talk back. Okay, Someone? Feel free.

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