Wednesday, March 6, 2013

the Lucy Flint Project, part two.

I don't know about you, but for me, goals require a lot of talking.

I talk myself into believing them, day after day. I break goals down into little bits, the tiny rungs of the huge ladder I'm planning to climb: and then I talk myself into believing that each rung is good for me. I coax myself up, step by step.

This goal, the goal of going professional in every aspect of my writing life? Well, it's a darn big ladder for a girl who--ahem--may or may not always brush her hair, and who certainly does a lot of writing while wearing faded pajamas.

(I definitely need some new pajamas: let's add that to the list.)

I'm more willing to do something difficult if I surround myself with pep talks. I write down encouraging quotes from all kinds of writers, artists, creators. Sometimes I have a fantastic bit of insight, and I write that down too, and stare at it when things go awry.

And I'm far more likely to do something difficult if I tell other people about it. If I make loud promises.

That, new friend of mine, is the Lucy Flint Project. This is my super-loud megaphone promise to myself, that, come havoc or high water (I seem to attract both), I am sending my best manuscript to the top agent on my list, at the end of January 2014.

One year after I made my Let's-Go-Pro decision: End of January. 2014.

So there's my ladder. Let's get climbing.

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