Wednesday, March 6, 2013

what is the Lucy Flint Project?

I realized in January that this year is time to aim higher. This year, I write not just to learn, but to publish.

Ooof. Publishing!

I feel like I've been scribbling under a rock for six years, and now it's time to creep out, look around at what this industry is, who the competition is, and at what it takes to be truly professional.

Living under a rock, I've picked up some bad habits. You don't really need to brush your hair much when no one sees you, you know? So being professional means more than just writing the best book I can and brushing off those social skills I might have misplaced. It also means, um, brushing my hair. And looking somewhat like a grownup.

I realized one other thing about this whole going pro scheme: If my goals stay in my head, they'll vanish. I'll whine and complain and pretend I'm being mistreated, and all the things that this year, 2013, should be about? They'll fade out and I won't be any further along by this time next year.

That's where this blog comes in.

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